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NURE 2013 Memorandum
- “2013 World Nuclear and Radiation Expo provided an ideal opportunity to meet business partners in Korea. “Mr. Polsin Taechamaneesatit, Managing Director of Pondpol Analytical Co., Ltd.

NURE 2013 in Seoul gave myself and our company the ideal opportunity to visit not only the World Nuclear and Radiation Expo Korea, but to meet many other Korean business colleagues that have been developed over the past few year. Some of whom now, I am delighted to say, have become good friends.

Interestingly, Thailand's initial interest in nuclear energy was initiate the same period as Korean. The Office of Atoms For Peace (OAP), formerly known as the Office of Atomic Energy for Peace (OAEP), was formed in 1961, under the Atomic Energy for Peace Act of 1961 and in 1962, the Thai Research Reactor (TRR-1)began operations. It is responsible for ensuring safety of users and public from radiation and nuclearutilizations by educating the public, and regulating the use of nuclear energy. Its main goal was and still is, todevelop peaceful use of nuclear energy in Thailand to the same levels as those in developed countries.

However, generating power has never been achieved in Thailand, whilst to date, Korea enjoys approx. 40% of all electricity generated coming from nuclear energy power plant and therefore having a much greaterexperience in the generation of nuclear power. However, what Thailand may lack in that same experience, itmakes up for in its thirst for knowledge & cooperation.

During this time however, the use of monitoring equipment in Thailand has been increasingly usedpredominately within OAP and latterly within TINT. Dosimetry has also been with us for some time primarily inthe health area. We are becoming more conscious of the environment we live in and the ever increasing
demand of nuclear energy and its subsequent safety levels needed to ensure our wellbeing. It is also a sadfact of life that the world we live in is forever changing and not always for the better. Terrorism and its monitoring being a major factor in many governments agendas.

We as a company : Pondpol Analytical Co., Ltd. have also seen this increase, along with its technology. Our own early experiences over the last 10 years have been initially with European and US companies. These interests covered in the main Portal monitoring, Calibration systems, Dosimetery and Stack monitoring etc.
Primarily looking for Alpha, Beta, Medical X-ray and of course in the main Gamma.

It is however in the more recent years that we found ourselves turning more and more to our neighbors Korean business partner and why? This was not simply about technology, though it is clear that our interestscould be more than satisfied in this field as this was more about business cooperation. The refreshing openness and sharing of technology and know-how that was found when talking to prospective suppliers of equipment. Including the awareness programs for the public at large and as a company, the business opportunities this presented for our country.

Lately, we have been closely involved with our Korean colleagues from Satrec Initiative, working alongside the OAP in Thailand. This regarding to the installation of the EFRD 3300 & 3500 Environmental Monitoring System , for public safety, with data transmission by wireless communications to remote user. To date we have successfully installed & commissioned 13 such units within Thailand. I would however like to take this opportunity thank Satrec Initiative for all the help and support they have shown over this period and if Korean assistance is a measure, then I for one see a bright future with our collaborations.

Indeed, what interested me the most this year at NURE, with our delegation member from the top level of management personal at both OAP and TINT for combining visiting Korean research Institute like KAERI and KINS for creating our future closer collaboration between the two countries. Both Thailand and Korea have
many things in common, apart from our desire to expand our nuclear activities in a controlled and safe manner, but also in the offering of nothing but beneficial factors to our environment. Whilst each come under The Ministry of Science and Technology, with its own governing body for nuclear activities ie KONICOF and OAP, both are also members of The Regional Cooperative Agreement for Asia and Pacific region and are members states of the International Atomic Energy Agency

This closeness & business trust, developed over the last 3-4 years in our dealings with various Korean companies, but in particular KONICOF, culminated in the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding held in Bangkok Thailand in June of this year. This in itself sparked the beginnings of a long and fruitful relationship between our two countries, its representative bodies and companies alike.

Mr. Polsin Taechamaneesatit
Managing Director

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