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Promising Korean companies in the nuclear radiation industry initiate expansion to the Southeast Asian market

MSIP (Minister Dr. Mun-kee CHOI) announced that it hosted the 'Nuclear Technology Export Road Show' for five days from June 18th to 21st to the Southeast Asian market including Thailand and Singapore in order to promote the entrance to foreign markets and support the exports of its small and medium sized companies.

The Road Show, organized by AtomXport and Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation (KONICOF), had three participating companies including Nawoo Tech, SF Technology and Satrec Initiative. The companies introduced their self-developed products including environmental radiation detectors, radiation diagnosis reagents, and therapeutic capsules and engage in business meetings with local buyers.

KONICOF concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pondpol Analytical of Thailand and Biomedia Holdings of Singapore to further provide information on the Southeast Asian market and to secure foreign networks for the Korean nuclear technology companies.

This MOU is expected to facilitate trade for the Korean nuclear technology companies that are seeking new business opportunities and expansion to the Southeast Asian Market.

Thailand has shown an increasing demand for radiation technology facilities due to recent installation of environmental radiation monitoring systems, constructions of radioactive waste repository, and relocation of key facilities of the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT) to suburbs while Singapore has also shown rising demand radiation safety equipments.

Mr. Dae-gi KIM, the Director of Space and Nuclear Cooperation Division of the MSIP, stated, “With the Export Road Show serving as the momentum, we hope to provide opportunities for the small and middle sized companies to enter into foreign markets by regularly hosting separate and joint exhibitions”. He further commented, “We will make every effort so that our nuclear technology can play a pivotal role in being the driving force for export of our ‘creative economy’".

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