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Xavis, Embracing the World through Humanism
- Hyeong Cheol Kim, the Founder and CEO Xavis

Global Business of Humanism

“‘Human’ is the fundamental of the business management,” he emphasizes. “The driving force for Xavis to approach the goal is the inner crews that believe and share the company’s vision, and the outer customers trusting and choosing our technology and its products.”

Xavis, the Korean Leading X-ray Detector, Drawing International Attentio

Xavis is domestically recognized as the top X-ray detector corporation. Founded in 2002, it has developed the high technology for manufacturing industrial X-ray detectors ranging from the ones for foreign substance test in the fields of food and pharmacy to ones for defect check of the secondary cell, semiconductor, PCB, SMT LED. Its clients are Hyundai, LG, and Samsung Electronics as well as the renowned food and beverage companies such as CJ, Dongwon, Ottogi, Maeil Dairies, and in Korea, its market share is the highest.
Since 2006, Xavis has exported its products to more than 20 countries including Germany, Brazil, Philippines, and Indonesia. Especially, in August 2011, its X-ray detectors have been installed in iPad production line of Foxconn, the well-known partner of Apple, in China and Brazil, attracting the attention in the business. Xavis is expanding its major global clients including multinational corporations like the Coca-Cola (its factory in Inchon), Hyundai Automobile (its factory in Beijing), and Infineon, the German manufacturer of semiconductor.

Best Technology Brightening the Xavis’s Values

Communication played the biggest role in encouraging Xavis to leap to be the global X-ray detector manufacturer. The company’s marketing department has well understood the customers’ needs and delivered the data to the research team, which in turn has strived to concentrate on the technology development reflecting them. This process leads to releasing the products which its clients’ rate excellent, keeping the virtuous circle and giving the assurance about its products. This communication principle is its CEO Hyeong Cheol Kim’s the most important philosophy of management.

The leading technology of Xavis allows it not only to guarantee its products but to have the biggest market share. ‘Fully AUTOMATIC(XSCAN-9860)’, its first in-Line X-ray detector in the world, exemplifies its success. The speed of XSCAN-9240, the model which will soon be released, is higher, checking four items a second, that is, 240 items a minute, with more consistent results.

“XAVIS’s the most competitive rival is XAVIS itself” said Kim, emphasizing that ”we developed an X-ray inspector able to detect 180 items per minute (or three per second) at 180PPM. Leading the global market, we continue to research and develop products to tighten its grip on the market rather than staying settled for the present.  To pursue developing the best technology is the right way to progress in the global market permanently.

Continuously Fulfilling the Dream of XAVIS
Hyeong-cheol Kim, the representative director, has been a very well-known expert in this market for his achievements, one of them at the Intelligence System Research Institute of Samsung Electronics where he developed and commercialized the advanced X-ray inspector, working at Samsung for 14 years. He worked as the head of department of Intelligent Test Modification and received the technology prize from Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of the Board of the Samsung Group, for developing the control and measurement system design, and Jang Young Shil Award, at that time given in the name of the Minister of Science and Technology, for the application technology for nondestructive testing.

“Our X-ray inspectors steadily produce clear testing images even at a high speed,” Kim said, “and thanks to such technology, we could win to work with a Samsung’s SDI factory in Cheonan, beating out Toshiba of Japan in 2011. I was so much pleased because Samsung, where I once worked at, acknowledged the technology,” he recalled. “Such pursuance with technologies, passion among employees and creative ideas were all together combined, leading to the company’s 100 times growth for the last decade.” XAVIS, which is striving to turn over a trillion won by ten years after, has set its primary goal of being listed on KOSDAQ. To achieve this goal, the company has planned to place its growth engine abroad and to increase the sales abroad from the current 30 percent to 70 percent.

A Life of a CEO Putting Human Being First, and the Hope
With the company developing into a global player in the market of X-ray automatic inspector, Kim seeks to establish the foundation for South Korea so that later the country becomes a leader in the industry. His goal has been ‘to contribute to human welfare with X-ray detectors.’

“A firm is not something a CEO alone has to manage, but something the CEO and the employees have to develop together,” said Kim. “When all members of XAVIS are happy, their families are also happy and in advance XAVIS is happy. Such sentiment leads to the development of good technology, more progressive marketing and producing a product that can help human beings, and all this will contribute to human welfare.”

A CEO dreaming that the company will promote the competitiveness of the country in the X-ray inspector industry, and, with such a great technology, it will contribute to humanity. His technological values focusing on humanity and its future might have created XAVIS today, and I hope XAVIS based on the values of humanism and also relaxation creates a warmer world.

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