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Technical Cooperation Trainee Reports

- "Most important thing of this program is that we can have international collaboration."


Dr. Tea-Joo Shin

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.
Beamline Division/ Research Scientist

Q. Can you explain me what Pohang Accelerator Laboratory for?

A. Let me introduce PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) in a simple way. Linear Accelerator Building accelerate electron as fast as light speed. Storage Ring Building spins electron circularly. As the accelerated electron turns the way it makes very big energy and makes light source. Scientist researches at Beamlines which is also called Experimental Hall.

PLS (Pohang Light Source) can be used in many areas such as biotechnology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, industry, and medical science. PLS is used when you make semiconductor or endoscope.

Q. What do you study?

A. I have some project to do and I do my personal research, too. I research about Small Angle X-ray Scattering. This is about material's structural analysis. Nowadays I study about a secondary battery personally. I have been study this from two years ago. To do these researches, I have to study broadly. So I am having pretty busy days.

Q. Are there many foreign students who come here to study?

A. Not really. Actually I didn't study here for degree, either. I studied in America and got degrees there. Here is no foreign students who study for degree. Instead, foreign students comes here for experiment, staying here about one month to three month.

Q. What do you do for international cooperation program?

A. I organize lab program for trainee. One person can not teach everything and here is many experts. I know who is managing what kind of experiments. So I organize program for one week or two weeks and make a connection with each expert and trainee.

Q. When do you feel proud of working for international cooperation program?

A. I think this is worth to do. In the beginning, it was a big pressure because I already have things to do and take care of trainee means one more work to do. Caring the trainee is not that simple. I have to care where he live and how he is doing in this program. It gives me lots of work to do but I still think it is a good program.

This program can provides good image of Korea. There are not many countries who have this kind of accelerator laboratory. This accelerator system can promote Korea and shows high technology of Korea.

Most important thing of this program is that we can have international collaboration. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem, who is from Pakistan, trainee of this program, makes samples and I analyze. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem is going to send samples to me, even if he comes back to his country, and I am going to analyze it. He might come to Korea, and I might go to Pakistan if it needed.

Q. What do you feel about this program?

I am learning a lot by this program. This program keep stimulate me to study harder. When I talk with trainee I feel I need to study English more. When I have curiosity during discussion with trainee, I feel I want to study more about that part.

This is my first time take this program, and this is the first time doing this program for PAL. So I don't know whether this program would be keep going or not. I hope this program become well organized and keep going.

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