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Technical Cooperation Trainee Reports

- To activate this program more, it should be keep introduced.


Dr. Muhammad Nadeem

Pakistan, researcher,
Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
November 1st, 2009 ~ May 1st, 2010

Q. What do you do here?

A. Basically, I am a researcher. I research about beamlines here, and also I learn new technology using the accelerator.

Q. How did you know about this program?

A. I belong to SESAME (The International Center for Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East), where is in Jordan. SESAME is connected with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and offers opportunities to study abroad. SESAME sent me here. I just accepted it. Now I think it was a good chance because I am having very good experience here.

Q. What is the most interest thing about working here?

A. Well, it is my first time visiting Korea. So Everything is new and interesting to me. Not only I am learning technical things but also I am learning about Korea. It is very interesting to learn about Korea's food, Korean's personality, the way Korean's act, and how they research things.

Q. Since it is your first time visiting Korea, you must have some difficulties. How is living in Korea?

A. At first time, it was little bit hard to adapt here. Everything was very different than where I was. However many people helped me a lot. They are so kind to me. Especially Dr shin is very kind and helpful. He provides me everything I need such as chemicals for labs and studies. so I can concentrate on my research. He and I became very good friends. I am having very good time right now.

Q. Do you have any plan to travel around?

A. I am planing it next month. I am having very busy days. Study and research is most important thing I have to do here. So I am stick to it. I Hope I have chance to travel around and have fun with my friends on next month.

Q. To Advance this cooperation program, what should be improved?

A. To activate this program more, it should be keep introduced. This is a good program. Pakistan doesn't have the accelerator. Here, I can do my research using it. My people didn't know about this program until I came here. Now my friends in Pakistan know about it because of me. It would be helpful for their research if they have chance to come here. This program should be open more. So many researchers know about it and apply if they want to.

Q. What are you going to do when you go back to your country?

A. I will keep doing my research. I hope I can keep in touch with Dr. Shin and cooperate together. Maybe I might come here again, and Dr. Shin can come to my country.

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