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KEPCO E&C Acquires ASME Nuclear Certificate of Authorization

KEPCO E&C has obtained an ASME nuclear certificate from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), the most authoritative American institution in the area of nuclear energy technology standards. We have sought to acquire the certificate as part of our efforts to facilitate the exports of our nuclear power plant technologies overseas, gain international recognition for our quality assurance capabilities covered by ASME codes and standards, and enhance the corporate recognition and image worldwide.

The company successfully went through all ASME Nuclear Survey processes for four days last December 2-5, 2013 and received an e-mail copy of the certificate from ASME on February 11, 2014. The original certificate and stamp will arrive at the company soon.

On April 1, 2013, the company established the 45-person “Nuclear Reactor Design Development Team - ASME Certification Promotion Team” according to the company’s plan set up in preparation for the ASME survey. The team implemented pilot projects for the container, pump, piping system, and core support structure. The pilot project for the piping system in particular covered the entire process from design to fabrication to installation.

The ASME certification has attested to our quality competitiveness at home and abroad. It has confirmed the company’s world-class capabilities in the area of quality assurance. The company expects the ASME certification to help it get positive results in its all-out efforts to increase its presence in global nuclear power plant markets.
[Source:KEPCO E&C]

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