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Air Leak Test a Success for Shin-Kori Unit 4

The Kori Nuclear Power Plant Division of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power announced that the APR1400 Shin-Kori Unit 4 had successfully passed the generator air leak test, conducted from February 12 to 14.

The generator air leak test is used to test the air-tightness of generators and related equipment by applying an operating pressure of 75 psig. This is an important test that requires thorough preparations and allows prevention of shutdown from hydrogen leakage during actual operation.

After relocating the generator to the trial operation room, staff of the trial operation turbine team made preparations for a month to ensure ideal conditions for testing.

With delays caused by changing of control cables in Shin-Kori Units 3 and 4, the recent success of the generator air leak test has not only confirmed the stability of Unit 4, but also contributed to motivating related personnel.
[Source : Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power]

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