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Wolsong Unit 4 attains the world’s highest capacity factor after commencing commercial service

- With Wolsong Unit 3 ranked second, the two NPPs ranked first and second among 400 NPPs around the world –
- Researched by the UK’s technical paper, NEI, Wolsong Units 3 and 4 ranked first and second last year -

Wolsong Nuclear Power Site (Site Vice President Lee Cheong-gu) of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP, President Cho Seok) announced on November 6 that Wolsong Unit 4 was ranked the first in the world in capacity factor with its remarkable record of 93.7% after it commenced commercial service.

The UK’s Nuclear Engineering International (NEI) researched the capacity factor of 400 nuclear power plants across the world, and announced that Wolsong 4 topped the list, followed by Wolsong Unit 3 with its average capacity factor of 93.4%. This is an outstanding achievement; the two Korean NPPs were ranked at the top in capacity factor.

This achievement has provided a good opportunity to promote Wolsong Unit 4’s operational excellence based on its enhanced safety and technologies that have been continuously pursued since the commencement of its commercial service in October 1999.

The result of last year’s NEI research on the world’s NPP capacity factor for 2011 had not been much different from this year; Wolsong Unit 3 and Unit 4 just changed positions, ranked first and second, proving the world’s best NPP operation capabilities.

Meanwhile, on June 15, Wolsong Unit 3 attained five cycles trouble-free from May 24, 2007, for 2,107 days, first among the domestic pressurized heavy water reactors, and out of its 12 cycles (14 years and 11 months), a total seven cycles were trouble free.

Site Vice President of Wolsong Nuclear Power Site said, “Thanks to our employees’ efforts to fulfill their duties in challenging internal and external circumstances, we were able to attain this achievement. We will put forth every ounce of our energy to make Wolsong units the best NPP in the world by further reinforcing their safety.”

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