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Korea Nuclear Fuel to export radiation decontamination equipment to Japan

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF) (President Kim Ki Hak) for the first time in Korean companies exports the radioactive decontamination equipment toward Japan. KNF revealed on September 5 that entered into supply agreement of side ditch contaminated soil treatment equipment to manufacture and export 10 units toward the Japanese Radioactive Decontamination Company called, RDS International, Inc. (Radioactive Decontamination Solution International, President Junji Nonaka)

KNF will support the technology and management of side ditch contaminated soil treatment method in Fukushima nuclear power plant area by this Agreement, and will be responsible for manufacture and supply of treatment equipment and equipment maintenance.

This company to export now, side ditch contaminated soil treatment apparatus performs underwriting a final inspection in Japan. It is expected to be used in earnest to side ditch contaminated soil treatment from October nearby radioactively contaminated areas in Fukushima nuclear power plant, and they plan to supply 10 additional units equipment in November.

This decontamination equipment retrieves the contaminated soil that deposited on the side ditch of the road. This is one of the original pollution of the water flowing into the lake and rivers in the Fukushima region. Thereby purifying the radioactive from the soil by using a precipitation agent which the main component of Phyllite. The soil (approx. 80%) and purified water (approx. 20%) can be returned to nature. This is a high-performance soil treatment facility with exceptional features.

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