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Nuclear Power Generation
ensuring stable electricity supply and national energy security

Korea is continuously and systematically promoting R&D on Nuclear Power
Generation Technology.

Following the introduction of nuclear power plants in the 1970's, Korea accumulated its nuclear Technology in the 1980's, achieved independence from the import of foreign technology in the 1990's by developing the OPR1000, and demonstrated the advanced level of its nuclear technology capabilities in the 2000's by developing an advanced type reactor the APR1400. The Government has been implementing a "Plan for the Advancement of NPP Technology" to reinforce its international competitiveness and to secure the necessary capabilities for a self-reliant NPP technology for its export.

Nuclear Power is the most important Energy
Source in Korea.

Nuclear power accounts for 27.0% of the total installed electricity generation capacity in Korea, and 39.0% of the total electricity generation. Thus, as a major source of electricity generation in Korea, nuclear energy contributes greatly to the stability of national electricity supply and energy security.

Korea's Nuclear Power Generation rate is continually increasing.
The Government has completed safety assessment on Kori 3 and 4, and is currently conducting safety assessment on Yonggwang 1 and 2 (WH 950 MWe) for a 4.5% thermal power augmentation. Also the technical reports on licensing continued operation of Kori 1 are under review. The nuclear power generation rate will be continually increased by the construction of eight additional units by 2015, as per the national plan for the anticipated electricity supply and demand increase. The units under construction are Shin-Kori 1 and 2 (OPR1000), 3 and 4 (APR1400), Shin-Wolsong 1 and 2 (OPR1000), and additional units planned are Shin-Ulchin 1 and 2 (APR1400).

Korea is proud of its World Class Operational Performance.
The capacity factor rates of the nuclear power plants in Korea have not only improved steadily since 1990 but they've also maintained an overall world class rating. Also, over the same period of time the rate of unplanned trips has declined notably towards one of the world's lowest.

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