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Nuclear Policy
Establishing a firm foundation for the advancement of nuclear energy in Korea.

Korea's nuclear energy activities correspond to the basic direction and goals of
its National Nuclear Policy.

The Korean Government established the "Basic Direction" and "Goals" of its national nuclear policy as delineated below, which all the nuclear related activities in Korea should adhere to.

National Policy is realized through the plans prepared in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act.
Every five years, the Government formulates a Comprehensive Nuclear Energy Promotion Plan (CNEPP) to implement its national nuclear policy consistently and systematically in accordance with the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act. The Government is currently implementing the third plan which reviews the outcomes of the previous plans and derive the direction of the nuclear developments, reflecting the domestic and overseas environmental changes.

The 1st CNEPP (1997~2001)
Established the Nuclear Safety Commission
Introduced a Periodic Safety Review(PSR)
   - system for the nuclear power plants in operation
Revised the Laws Governing a Nuclear Accident Liability And Compensation
Constructed the Radiation Safety Information System
Commenced with the operation of a Civilian Supervisory Center for Environment Radiation & Safety
Increased No. of operating NPPs from 11 units in 1996 to 16 units in 2001

The 2nd CNEPP (2002~2006)
Acquired the license for the standard design of APR1400 reactor
Concluded the siting of the low-and-intermediate level radio waste disposal facilities
Completed the basic design of the system-integrated modular advanced reactor(SMART)
   aimed at electricity generation and seawater desalination
Developed the PLUS-7, the fuel for Korean standard light water reactor
Enacted the Act on the Utilization of Radiation and Radioisotopes-for the promotion of
   the radiation/radioisotopes application
Supported the quality medical service through the establishment and operation of
   a regional cyclotron network by area

The 3rd CNEPP (2007~2011)
To complete development of SMART
To promote international cooperation for the development of Generation IV reactors
To set up plans for raising nuclear- related industries as exportable items
To develop nonproliferation fuel cycle technology
To establish an advanced safety mechanism for nuclear and radiation safety
To set up a national physical protection system against the terror attack

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