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It is not going too far to say that if it were not for the stabilized supply of energy, Korea would not been able to progress to the 10th rank in the world in the economical size.

Since Kori Nuclear Power Plant started its operation in 1978, the number of nuclear power plants in Korea has rapidly increased to 20 and the share of the electricity production by nuclear power plants has increased to 40%. Our nuclear technology and its applications, in such areas as the medical, environmental, and the biological fields are also developing fast.

As a result of the common efforts by the research institutions, private sector, and the universities under the positive support of the government, Korea has reached the stage of transferring its advanced nuclear technology of a G-6 level to the developing countries, having past the self-independency stage and the import of the technology stage.

The higher the reputation of Korea is, the more the world nuclear society expects from us, to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities of as an advanced country.

With such a background, the Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation("KONICOF") was established by the presidents and representatives of various nuclear related industries, research institutions, and university professors as a non-profit making civil organization.

KONICOF will efficiently support the international nuclear activities of Korea. It will provide a systematic mechanism for a live exchange of information and opinions among the personnel engaged in international nuclear cooperation, and in addition, it will take the lead to reinforce the domestic and overseas foundations for the exchange of technology and information with the advanced and developing countries.

Your kind support and assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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